07 september 2017

'Paul Carpentier and Jan van Riel shake up information access landscape with Esoptra'

Esoptra NV to provide sneak preview of brand new platform at Big Data Expo Utrecht 20-21 September at booth #89

Herentals, Belgium, September 1st 2017. Today, Esoptra announced that it will provide a sneak preview at the Big Data Expo in Utrecht on 20 and 21 September at booth # 89. Esoptra is a software platform that delivers information access and integration solutions as a service, both in the cloud and on premise. End users are serviced through solution providers to be up and running at a fraction of the usual cost, in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

“Think of Esoptra as a programmable file server in the cloud where files happen to contain exactly the information you need, are custom formatted and structured into folders that everybody understands. Those files and folders are virtual: they only source their information at the moment of opening, from any combination of backends, whether greenfield or legacy. In that sense, Esoptra does for any information what thin provisioning will do for data storage: instantiating the resource when and only when it’s needed. Writing information works just as well: dropping a file in a folder to trigger enterprise workflows can be a refreshing alternative to submitting tedious forms with endless input fields.” says Paul Carpentier, Founder & CEO of Esoptra.

Jan Van Riel, Founder & CTO details: “Picture a file server platform with plugins, which we call pluglets. For use either on premise or in the cloud, as simple as running a VM. Pluglets are custom, lightweight connectors that generate content for a virtual file from in- and outside data sources. Pluglets can also trigger custom functions. Pluglets are easy to build in any programming language and leverage the capabilities of our platform: it takes care of all the hard stuff: security, runtime isolation, authentication & authorization along current standards.”

Starting in the late 1990’s, Paul Carpentier and Jan van Riel originally defined and developed the principles of object storage at FilePool, EMC and Caringo to overcome the scale, performance and cost limitations of storing files in traditional systems. Extending that line of thinking, Esoptra today is similarly breaking barriers, allowing developers and solution providers to deliver intuitive end user functionality in a fraction of time and cost as compared to more traditional application development approaches.

The Esoptra server platform can run either on premise or in any cloud. Its generic file server like capabilities are extended and customized using container-based software modules called pluglets. Substantial benefits ensue, including:

  • Developers can quickly deliver functionality to the user and create a recurring revenue stream for their development efforts by publishing in Esoptra’s “Pluglet Store”

  • Solution providers can deliver the Esoptra platform as an agile service to their end user customers at very low cost with a recurring revenue model  

  • End users (Tenants) can get functional services at very low cost, on short notice with no upfront investments.


About Esoptra:

Esoptra is the software company behind a refreshing new concept for customizable, ultralight information access and integration. After a lifetime career of data and storage related innovation, Paul Carpentier and Jan Van Riel founded Esoptra in 2017 to slash the cost of information access by an order of magnitude, while unifying the user experience to boost usability. Esoptra works relentlessly at lowering the thresholds between your organization and your data.

Esoptra offers a customizable software platform - in any cloud or on premise - to provide information access and integration solutions as a service. At a fraction of the usual cost and deployed in hours or days instead of weeks or months. Rendered on any mobile or desktop device.

Esoptra delivers its quick wins and exceptional value through system integrators and solution providers. Please call our bluff by mailing info@esoptra.com and let your data start working for you in hours or days!

Esoptra NV is located in Herentals near Antwerp, Belgium.

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