“Big Data Expo paints a complete picture of what is happening in the field of data science in the Benelux.”

Starting with just the idea of hosting a big data related event, Big Data Expo has managed to develop into a one-of-a-kind event in the Benelux, according to Alexander van Eerden. Van Eerden is founder and CEO of Building Blocks, an organisation that develops client-based and data-based business models. A company that has been a Big Data Expo ambassador from the start.

OGZ is well aware of the prerequisites of a successful expo. They have earned their place in the world of big data and data science, and managed to connect the different branches of the data field with each other. According to him, the expo has grown into an event that paints a complete picture of what is happening in the field of data science in the Benelux. Van Eerden thinks Big Data Expo distinguishes itself from other expos that generally only focus on one specific aspect within the diverse and fast-growing field of data.


Big Data expo is a good opportunity for Building Blocks to achieve several of their goals. “We can raise brand awareness in a field in which we meet relevant visitors. It is a beautiful opportunity to help companies solve their problems. Furthermore, Big Data Expo also helps in regard to our job market proposition, meeting people who are active in our field. This is important to Building Blocks because of the great demand for data scientists. There is a big demand on the job market, while the supply is scarce.


Big Data Expo is aware of the latest developments in the field of data science, according to Van Eerden. “The participating exhibitors and the presented cases are high quality. They help you take the next step when you are looking for answers or inspiration.” Van Eerder thinks the data market is still young and that there are still many things about to happen, and the expo floor provides more than enough information to spark one’s interest.

Alexander van Eerden

Stand Building Blocks