Big Data Expo 2020-03-19
Big Data Expo Special - Data Science Pioneers

In this episode we talk to two main characters in the documentary 'Data Pioneers': Kia Eisinga from TomTom and Bernardo Nunes from Growth Tribe. In this documentary real data scientists talk about their jobs in the real context; they reveal the actual challenges they face during their work and of course their expectations of future challenges.

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Big Data Expo 2020-03-13
Data Science in Retail

Aan tafel zit Dennie van den Biggelaar van Building Blocks. Hij vertelt over zijn ervaringen met AI in de retailbranche en vooral de implementatie ervan. Hij ziet dat “Meer organisaties inzien dat added value en KPI’s belangrijk zijn, maar om dit sustainable en houdbaar te maken moet je de consument verleiden.” En daar komt AI om de hoek kijken.

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LexisNexis 2020-03-06
Big Data and AI Trend Report

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) adoption continued its progress from vision toward reality in 2019. Now at the start of a new decade, the scale and diversity of big data and AI applications across business and society hold much promise, but navigating from potential to practical application remains challenging. While adoption of big data and AI applications has climbed across numerous industries, evidence shows that many organisations struggle to prove the return on investment of their efforts. A survey by analytics company Whishworks revealed 47% of big data strategists, architects and users said proving ROI from big data projects was “not easy”, while 53% said legacy technology was a key challenge to the adoption of big data technology.

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