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The #1 data event

Data is everywhere; in every economy, sector and organisation. While data used to be the domain of a select group of technicians, it is now a prominent part of the agenda in many board rooms.

Big Data Expo is the only event in the Netherlands that focuses specifically on applying big data and creating insights and value.

All visitors are all looking for big data solutions, new features in this field, advice and tips from experts. Are you that prominent, leading producer of big data solutions? Then you cannot be missed at Big Data Expo. In two days you will have the perfect opportunity to present your solutions to our specific target audience.

Sharing knowledge

That is also what the sixth edition of the Big Data Expo is all about. That is the place where we bring together inspiring speakers and different exhibitors from the most innovative branches. We ensure that all relevant themes are represented: from (Predictive) analytics, Data Science and Data Mining to Data security and Privacy. This enables us to introduce a large group of specific visitors to the possibilities and relevant solutions of big data in a challenging way. Solutions that you have to offer!

What makes Big Data Expo unique?

  • A unique target group

  • Targeted visitors at your stand

  • High-quality editorial lecture programme

Why exhibit at Big Data Expo?

Do you want to meet your targets? Maximise ROI? Exhibiting at Big Data Expo is a highly efficient and effective form of marketing. The powerful combination of exhibition and conference offers opportunities to:

  • Generate leads

  • Exchange knowledge and position yourself as a thought leader

  • Increase your visibility within the target audience

  • Extend your network

  • Launch new products or services 

  • Gain valuable feedback

Stand space


Exhibiting with a stand during Big Data Expo is the perfect opportunity to meet potential clients, to raise brand awareness, to effectively launch new products or services, or to expand your business network by being in contact with new and existing business relations.
Possibilities stand space

Give a presentation


As an exhibitor you have the possibility to present one of your successful case studies to a big group of interested visitors.


Present at Big Data Expo at Big Data 


Additional Visibility

Additional visibility

Enhance your visibility and ROI with one of our exposure packages. Whether your objective is to generate additional leads, enhance your reach or show your thought leadership, we have opportunities available for every budget.

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