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The growth of Big Data is exponential. Unimaginable amounts of sensors, mobile devices and apps are sending digital information 24/7. Untangling and translating this data in
comprehensible information for your company requires powerful data architectures. Data-driven organizations are more dependent than ever on these platforms.

With Axual Platform you have all your valuable business data streams at your fingertips. You can set up multiple producers and consumers to create, request and exchange any type of data in full compliance with your organization’s Data Governance and Security standards.

Axual enables any size company to become data-driven within a day.


Axual Formula

  • Offer a Low Maintenance streaming platform for any business size.
  • Your data real-time delivered, Always Available.
  • Self-service platform made for both producers and consumers.
  • An interface that’s Easy to Use and manageable by multiple DevOps teams at once.
  • Standardized for Governance Protocol and highly secure.  
  • No more large inefficient teams, it takes just 4 people to manage your data architecture
  • Axual Platform is ready to deploy within a day
  • With Managed Services we do the work so you can focus on your business
  • Axual provides extensive training and support for soft landing


Proud partner of the Rabobank


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