Data Value Center - Smart Industry

Data Value Center - Smart Industry

Support businesses to create more added value and become more competitive with data, that is the goal of the Data Value Center – Smart Industry (DVC-SI)

We help entrepreneurs, decision makers and professionals to make optimal use of data: to optimize processes, development of new services and business models and to improve the needed knowledge and competences.

With our independent and accessible approach, we help the Dutch manufacturing industry to respond to the fast moving data economy in order to strengthen their competitive advantage. We bundle our knowledge, skills and make it accessible via our cooperative initiatives.

The DVC-SI is a partner initiative from Brabant Development Agency, Brainport Development, Brainport Industries, FME, JADS, Royal Metalunion, Midpoint Brabant, REWIN, SURF and TNO, and is supported by Province North-Brabant and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.