About dataroots

Dataroots is a fast growing company specialized in building and deploying artificial intelligence solutions in close collaboration with our clients. From day one, the Dataroots team is what pushes us forward. The expertise, drive and culture inherent in our team has allowed us to commit strongly and effectively on building robust state-of-the-art AI solutions.

As a competence center in AI we help our ambitious clients to take the lead through the power of data.

How we help our clients make a difference


1. AI solution development

From day one we set out to build a Belgian competency center in artificial intelligence. Focusing on quality over quantity has allowed us to compose a team of great minds who have a huge combined body of knowledge when it comes to state-of-the-art machine learning as well as a variety of business domains. Our no-nonsense approach to machine learning allows us to prototype and industrialize with short iteration cycles.

2. Data streams & pipelines

Robust and trustworthy data feeds are the foundation for any data-driven strategy. By using the latest techniques in real-time and batch-based processing, we help you to deliver test-driven data feeds and a framework to scale these efforts.

3. AI strategy

When implemented correctly, AI solutions result in a significant competitive edge. Yet far too often we see companies who enthusiastically experiment with AI stumble when the time comes to implement. When you face the challenge of getting a significant ROI you must consider the business as well as technical aspects. Our unique experience with setting up analytics departments, developing the architecture and selecting valuable business cases allows us to support you in determining a successful long-term AI strategy.

4. Deploy & integrate

The time to experiment is over, the time to deliver has come. Over the years we have gained extensive experience in supporting our clients in industrialising their AI efforts. We have shown our agility on different types of on-premise and cloud infrastructures. Deployment and integration are key when you develop an AI solution. Dataroots is there by your side from the moment you start your AI engines.

5. Staffing

Scaling your AI efforts is not a gimme. Based on our strict selection procedures, good knowledge of the content and a clear view of the market we have been able to build a dynamic team of enthusiastic people who are experts in their respective fields. We are eager to use experiences to support you in building a strong team as well as in objectively testing the skills of your applications and candidates.

6. Training & eduction

We enjoy helping you get up to speed with AI. We organise AI workshops for our clients to discuss the value of AI, to select relevant business cases or to go more in depth on the organisation of AI within their company. We also very much enjoy giving technical in-depth training sessions on data solution architecture, data wrangling, predictive modelling, model deployment ...