Erasmus Q-Intelligence B.V.

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Erasmus Q-Intelligence B.V.

Erasmus Q-Intelligence uses scientific knowledge to solve complex business, economic and social problems. We use innovative data analytics, advanced models and techniques from econometrics and operations research.

Organizations can no longer ignore (big) data to get optimal insights in market and business processes. Crucial decisions need to be based on data analytics. Many companies realize this, but questions around data remain.

For example, many organizations believe to be too small or too young for data analytics, that their data is not correctly stored or that it is not relevant for their market.

An exploratory meeting with Erasmus Q-Intelligence clarifies on these misconceived thoughts, since in our experience, also small and young organizations can integrate data analytics in daily practice.

Our services start with an exploration of data questions, without obligations. When you decide for cooperation with Erasmus Q-Intelligence, we will bridge quantitative science and your daily business. Further, our cooperation doesn’t stop with research and advice. By implementation of tools, support and maintenance, we take care of the right knowledge at the right place.