OrangeNXT - Kick-Start your Digital Transformation!

OrangeNXT - Kick-Start your Digital Transformation!

We define ‘digital transformation’ as the smart connection of people, devices and data. People generate data with every move they make, with every mouse click and with every bit of data they enter. Even machines and other assets generate data. And with IoT, you can gather this data in real-time with no effort at all.

OrangeNXT Cloud

While each business is unique, the underlying processes are often very similar. OrangeNXT used these similarities to develop three plug-and-play platforms based on standard building blocks, which you can configure to your specific business processes – a highly convenient solution to get your own digital transformation off to a great start.

  • With mobileNXT, the no. 1 SaaS solution for mobile workforces, you can create your own custom app on a standard platform, giving field service engineers, logistics staff, parcel delivery services and auditors a ‘pocket-sized office’.
  • Predictive Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, and Asset Management are all applications that conNXT, the no. 1 out-of-the-box IoT Cloud, can provide in an instant.
  • Digitization of end-to-end processes and data collection in each stage of the process can be incredibly profitable – especially when internal and external data are combined. With digitalNXT, the no. 1 AI platform for digital transformation, you are able.

You can completely avoid the hassle of tedious development and implementation processes, because all the features you need are available ‘as a service’. Don’t wait any longer; connect to OrangeNXT Cloud now.

OrangeNXT perfectly combines ICT Group’s in-depth knowledge of and expertise in digital transformation to create an enormous pool of technical know-how, as well as data scientists, and people with extensive knowledge of our customers’ sectors and industries. This great variety of disciplines works in perfect harmony to produce some of the most brilliant ideas and solutions.