Pong BV

Pong BV

Pong is an employer and service provider. We link ambitious and creative IT specialists to customers who are struggling with an IT issue. This often concerns issues related to data-driven changes. 

Where the customer struggles with a lack of know-how and - simply - hands to get the job done, Pongers are very energetic and passionate about tackling this with expertise.  

We see that IT is often made unnecessarily complex. The challenge is also complex to begin with. But the power of a good solution is in its simplicity. Simplification requires knowledge and skill. We excel in that. 

“It’s a people’s business” 

People are our product, the walking source of knowledge. We supply people - independent professionals and professionals who are employed by us - to companies that cannot solve certain IT-issues themselves. 

We distinguish three Business Units: 

  1. Data & Analytics 

  1. Testing 

  1. Java Development 

At Pong it's all about people and expertise. Our people have knowledge of concepts in the field of Data & Analytics, Testing and Web Application Development. Technology is a trick and secondary to the solution. However, the incorrect application of technology can have far-reaching consequences. Pong therefore cooperates with carefully selected technology partners. 

These collaborations make it possible for Pong to develop specific technical knowledge, to be the first to know about the product roadmap and to be able to provide input for product development. In this way Pong is able to successfully use the latest technologies with its customers. 

The Data & Analytics unit of Pong focuses on the collection, processing, storage and presentation of data. Our Data Engineers ensure a solid Data Infrastructure. They use the latest methods and techniques to lay down a scalable and efficient data pipeline. Our Data Analysts make the data transparent so that timely action can be taken based on facts and in the right context. 

Pong Modern BI Stack

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Come and visit us at the stand. We are happy to discuss the possibilities of tackling data-driven IT issues further. We are also constantly looking for experienced talent to take our Business Units to an even higher level.