Red Data Group B.V.

Red Data Group B.V.

Data are becoming more and more important when it comes to making insightful what is happening in the world. Big Data responds to this growing need by collecting and processing data. Those data can be created by devices, services (i.e. data- and information services, API's) and people (i.e. browsing behavior, tweets, blogs, reports). By connecting these types of data, (micro-)documents and streams, and adding current affairs, they become information.

Red Data has the know-how, tools and infrastructure to help you in making big datasets available and by making them easy to search. An important part is the reporting and visualization of the results. 

Red Data services: Search, Big Data, Data Management, Business Intelligence

Big Data isn't a hype. There are many examples of Big Data implementations in which organizations of various extents enjoy value out of data. Big Data features itself by Volume, Velocity and Variety.

We have connectors and other modules to extract data and documents from a wide variety of source systems. We can then process those data and documents into easy to search datasets. Red Data can help you create a Big Data environment. To be able to start the process quickly, we use our own Search & Discovery platform.

We use powerful ETL-tools to standardize and to enrich data and to generate data on the basis of patterns, glossaries and rules. This way, data records and documents will be even easier to connect to one another.

Red Data's powerful engines make sure that all data can be searched top-speed and are linked and visualized. This way, you can navigate through the data, discover patterns and share those.