Squadra Machine Learning Company

Squadra Machine Learning Company

Squadra Machine Learning Company is an innovative Dutch company which combines knowledge about business processes, algorithm development and data visualization for the purpose of helping customers with Machine Learning algorithms and the application of Artificial Intelligence solutions. We have a passion for Data Science and Machine Learning in particular.

With a dedicated team of Data Consultants, Data Engineers and Data Scientists, we help our customers to automate various business and industrial processes, customer-oriented services and other data-driven functions in an innovative way. 

We offer services in the following areas:

  • People: Recruitment and Secondment of data science specialists to fulfill a temporary or permanent position, to enable organizations to build their own data science capability.
  • Projects: Turn key Data science projects to reduce operational costs, increase revenues or realize new service and business models with the customer’s data
  • Products: A collection of standard AI solutions in the value chain of Supplier – Wholesale – Retail, especially around Smart Product Management, Supply Chain Optimization and AI-commerce.

Data driven value chain image

We have helped Dutch and internationally oriented companies in the retail, wholesale and services sector with solutions for:

  • Automatic product classification
  • AI-based product data enrichment
  • Text generation: SEO Optimized Marketing product texts
  • Demand forecasting 
  • Inventory and procurement optimization
  • Customer profiling and Personalization
  • Churn prediction
  • Text Analysis and processing
  • Smart chatbots
  • Voice commerce
  • Smart credit management

Squadra Machine Learning Company works for BCC, Sonepar, Intratuin, Rensa, Office Depot, PPG, Ingram Micro, ETIM International, DekaMarkt, 2BA, JobXion, Kaemingk and others. 

Squadra Machine Learning Company is a proud part member of Squadra – the Data Driven Value Creation Network.

More info? Please see our website www.machine-learning.company, come to our stand, contact us at +31 (0)85-0653780 or mail to info@machine-learning.company. We are happy to talk about what we can do for your organization. We are also constantly looking for talented data science specialists!