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Vantage AI


Vantage AI is a young enterprise that offers flexible talent with tomorrow's knowledge. Vantage AI's data scientists are innovative, communicative, flexible, personal, and highly driven. For us, a small-scale company, those are the indispensable core values that allow us to work with your organisation, and create the optimal data science solution.


By being in the middle of the market, we ensure that we are always up to date with the latest developments in the field of data science. We are supported in this by the specialists of our sister company BigData Republic. As a senior label, they have been providing big data solutions in the field of data science, data engineering, data infrastructure and big data strategy for years. Through the Vantage AI Programme, this knowledge is shared with all our data scientists, so we always come up with innovative and easy-to-implement solutions.


‘Show, don't tell': that's our motto. Vantage AI has a young team of highly motivated data scientists who are determined to reach the top of the data science community. That's why every day, why we bite into our work like young dogs with a single goal in mind: to help your organisation grow through accessible data science solutions. Besides this, we're just regular people who love being social, and never shy away from a game of foosball. But we're very passionate about that, too!


At Vantage AI you can count on personal contact. This is essential for us to come to pragmatic solutions with lasting impact. Only by staying in touch all parties involved throughout the entire process can we achieve a good and useful product in a short period of time. Our data scientists are not independent individuals, but a temporary part of your team. We therefore share the knowledge we acquire with the team, so that knowledge remains in your company.


Whether your company already has a data science department in need of assistance, or you're just taking your first steps in data science: our data scientists are flexible, and quickly adapt to your company's needs. This allows us to immediately be effective, and quickly deliver a working product.


Our data science professionals are more than just technical experts. They've got a pragmatic mindset and excellent communicative skills. These soft skills allow them to work together closely and effectively with both the business owner and the end-user, as well as everyone in between.

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