Webscraping Amsterdam

Webscraping Amsterdam

Webscraping Amsterdam collects web data through powerful, in-house developed software. Our data is used for price comparison, analysis, research and monitoring; with this we provide insights into trends and developments. Relations periodically receive the desired quality data, possibly with dashboarding. A selection of the standard data products:

  • ShortStay rental monitoring
  • Location data
  • Price Compare
  • Price Monitoring
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Reverse Price Analysis
  • Brand Monitoring

Webscraping Amsterdam (WSA) developed a scraping platform that consists of a network of bots with an advanced management system which is in fact a webapplication. Bot's are easily configured and managaged efficiently in the WSA Botmanager. We monitor and update continuously and use the latest techniques. Relations can log into their companies' web environment where the data projects are located; data quality is guaranteed and the data is always available.

Our relations are: Municipalities, Food Industry, Automotive, Real Estate, Brands, Webshops, Comparators.

If data quality, continuity and volume are important to your business, than please visit us at the booth.