The first three editions of Big Data Expo have been extremely successful, with over 4500 visitors in 2017. Exhibitors were delighted by the quality of the visitors and visitors were very pleased with the range of exhibitors. Definitely a win-win situation! The amount of attendees at the lectures demonstrates the high quality of the speakers. This means the bar for our fourth edition is even higher, but we are determined to meet it once again!

By participating at Big Data Expo you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Plentiful potential clients. With over 5500 expected visitors this year, we are confident there is no other place you will meet so many potential, but also relevant customers. The perfect opportunity to link your expertise to the demand of a wide range of visitors;
  • Brand exposure. In a market that is build on exposure and innovation, Big Data Expo provides the perfect opportunity to put your brand on the map;
  • Quality. By using extensive promotion for the expo, we attract relevant visitors that are looking for new solutions and insights. This generates quality and valuable brand exposure directly aimed at your target audience;
  • Building Network. Big Data Expo is the perfect opportunity to strengthen existing business relations, expand your network and potentially collaborate with co-exhibitors. In other words, building network on multiple levels;
  • By the way! Have you thought about inviting existing clientele to the expo? Simply invite them online, using your own unique registration link. The perfect way to introduce your team to your clients and inform them about your company‚Äôs the latest developments;
  • Launch new products or services. Put your latest product or service in the spotlight and reach over 5500 potential clients at once!

Do we need to say more? Book your booth now and choose the number-one big data of the year!