The extensive high-quality lecture programme is Big Data Expo’s most popular attraction. This edition, we offer visitors - once again - over 50 hours of content divided over 7 lecture halls. As an exhibitor, you have the opportunity to present one of your successful case studies to a large group of interested visitors. The average number of visitors per lecture during our last edition was 113. Furthermore, every visitor attending your lecture is scanned, which instantly produces valuable leads.

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Lecture requests are handled in two categories: technical and business. Please choose one of these categories when you submit your proposal.

Technical lecture
A technical presentation examines the technology and the use of data. Explain how you have done certain things and what you have used for them. Go in depth, provide specific facts, advice and insights and tactics at a high level.

Business lecture
A business presentation examines the result of the data analysis. What did you analyse and what did it produce? Go in depth, give advice, insights, results and strategies at a high level.

What are the criteria for your lecture?

  • Submit a proposal based on your expertise, not what you think we want to see. We are looking for practical tips that can be applied directly by visitors.
  • A sales or product presentation is not allowed and if there is any doubt, OGZ can request that you forward the presentation in advance.
  • Be specific about the content of the presentation so the visitor can participate with the right expectations. (Note: indicate clearly whether it is a technical or business presentation).
  • Give a unique lecture specially made for the Big Data Expo.
  • If your presentation has been approved, you have two weeks to provide a photo, logo and biography.
  • The latest submission deadline is 1 July 2019.
  • All fields must be completed.
  • Failure to meet the above criteria is a reason to reject your request.


As speaker at Big Data Expo, you are in good company. 100 experts of leading (international) companies share the stage with you. 

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Exhibiting with a booth during Big Data Expo is the perfect opportunity to meet potential clients, to raise brand awareness, to effectively launch new products or services, or to expand your business network by being in contact with new and existing business relations.

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Als exposant ontvang je de leads van de aanwezige bezoekers tijdens jouw lezing. Deelname aan de Big Data Expo is dan ook een zeer efficiënte en effectieve vorm van marketing.

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Presentation criteria 

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Big Data Expo stands out due to its unique high-quality lecture programme. On average, our lectures score an 7.5. In order to guarantee quality, your lecture needs to meet a number of criteria.

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