THU 11:00 - 11:45

This is a 2017 presentation

Like many corporates, ARAG, a niche legal insurance company, is facing both a rapid change in customer expectations as well as maturing data analytics technologies. Customers expect more flexibility, personalized products, and 24/7 service, especially in highly sensitive cases such as issues at work or injuries after an accident. As a result, smaller (tech) companies are popping up to unbundle the insurance chains and are even adding new services in the mix.

At the same time, government regulations are tightening personal data protection and financial protocols, making it harder to innovate. Continuing to run a profitable business and at the same time ensuring continuous improvement to match all these demands is a challenge every corporate is dealing with.

In this On Board session, ARAG’s Legal Tech Studio will discuss our approach to tackling these challenges. We will discuss how we are defining our innovation challenges, how we partner with young companies very early in this process and how we ensure internal ownership to create new products and services using state of the art technology.

This session is especially targeted at companies like Xomnia, with whom we have a partnership, as it will discuss several elements that can make or break an (corporate) innovation project. It will also be interesting for larger companies running (internal) innovation projects and cooperating with others in the process. As ARAG’s approach is one of many different routes a corporate can take, we will reserve some time for a discussion with the audience at the end of the presentation and learn from each other’s experiences.

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This session is made possible by Xomnia.