Combining “data-driven” & “business-driven” into success

WED 12:10 - 12:40

Lecture hall 4

Data Virtuality

The Bencom Group operates independent comparison sites in various markets and - as a market leader and innovator - the Group works with a plethora of different data sources. In order to deliver independent and accurate results and drive the business to further success, its expert workforce is knowledgeable in the peculiarities of those markets and the tools necessary to retrieve insights. At the same time, these data- and human resources are increasingly complex and scattered across different tools, services and divisions. Combining data from a multitude of sources and business expertise in various fields to deliver reliable and insightful results can be a major challenge. In this keynote, Ben Woldring, founder and CEO of the Bencom Group, gives insights on how Bencom innovates and delivers in this environment, which tools the company chooses and what business culture is promoted to achieve its goals.

This lecture is made possible by Data Virtuality.

  • Theme
    Business Intelligence

    Slimmer opereren op basis van data die voorhanden is. Business Intelligence maakt het leven van heel wat organisaties een stuk eenvoudiger en overzichtelijker. Het Thema Business Intelligence is niet weg te denken van de Big Data Expo. Enerzijds omdat er steeds meer data is, anderzijds omdat de techniek voortraast. En niet te vergeten ook omdat techniek én visualisatietools deze data steeds toegankelijker maken voor een groeiende doelgroep.