Data-Driven Innovation in Customer Service - The Samsung Story

THU 10:30 - 11:15

This is a 2019 presentation

Data-Driven Innovation in Customer Service - The Samsung Story

The Customer Service landscape is changing rapidly. More & more organizations understand that key to long-term success is a continuous close relationship with your consumers. Many companies fight over share of wallet. Similarly, many companies now also fight to get the consumer's attention and get him or her back in their environment (shop, online, channels) when he has questions or any other issue with a product or service. 
At Samsung we believe that Customer Service is a Marketing Tool. We invest in building the best possible services to attract consumers to come directly to us.
This requires innovation in Customer Contact (Voice, Digital, Social), Logistics & Repair Services. 

Key to successful innovation is (of course) to have a data-driven approach. This is what we learn. This is what every (data) Consultant will tell you. Gather the Data, Analyze it, Identify Patterns and run Simulations. 
But, what if the data is simply not available? What if the data says something different than your gut feeling?
Sometimes a leap into the dark is the best approach. Innovating means being ahead of the curve, being where others have not yet gone before. 
We'll talk about how we (at Samsung) have approached this. About successes and failures. And how this all ultimately gave us all the data we needed.

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    Deze lezing gaat in op het resultaat van de data analyse. Er wordt uitgelegd wat er is geanalyseerd en wat dit heeft opgeleverd? Hierbij wordt de diepte ingegaan en worden er inzichten, resultaten, advies en strategieën op hoog niveau gedeeld.

    Deze lezing is bedoeld voor bezoekers die: de strategie en visie bepalen, zoals o.a.; CEO's, CIO's en directeuren.