Keep calm and build an enterprise ready data streaming use case in minutes

THU 10:30 - 11:30

Techdemo hall


As a software or DevOps engineer, you have so many things on your mind. How resilient is my application? What about security? How do I orchestrate deployment?

When you are starting to power your apps using a streaming platform, like Apache Kafka™️, another layer of complexity is added. Topics, brokers, partitions, replication... You just want to consume or produce data!

In this tech demo we will show you how Axual Platform makes this all a lot easier. We will build a streaming use case from Development to "Production" by building some demo applications and acquire secure access to the data streams we need. Moreover, we will show you how you can use the platform to stay in control, both of your data and the apps that need it.

During the demo we will highlight essential enterprise features of the platform, such as:

  • Self-Service Data Governance for Streams
  • (Hybrid cloud) data synchronization
  • Stream namespacing
  • Schema Governance