MDM and Big Data in a GDPR World: Govern your data lake

THU 11:15 - 11:45

This is a 2018 presentation

In this presentation we are all looking at the promise of new technologies in AI, looking at robotics and the use of smart conversational systems involving into human-computer interaction patterns. Before presenting what new technology is tested at Rabobank we will walk you through the Data Delta. The disconnect between the data we have and the business problem we face is forcing us to create a solid data foundation where we move from data governance to data empowerment. We need to not only look at the data we have to govern, but look at the business problems to bridge the gap between data ingestion and usage.
Data governance, or the lack thereof, will be the primary success factor for these types of initiatives.

Following the data foundation we will switch to a Rabobank AI proof of concept where we look at human-computer interaction. We will look at the combinations of technologies that are tested to solve critical success factors, and see that having the right data in the right context at the right time is one of the critical parts to succeed in AI. This talk is supported by a robot called furhat which will be explained in the proof of concept, and is available for demo’s throughout the conference at the Jibes stand.

This lecture is made possible by IBM in in collaboration with Jibes.

  • Theme
    GDPR / AVG

    Veel was er te doen over de invoering van de GDPR-AVG eind mei 2018. Sommigen klopten het moment op tot Millennium-achtige proporties. Dat bleek wat overdreven. Toch levert de privacywetgeving organisaties wel degelijk hoofdbrekens op. Waaraan moet je bijvoorbeeld als webshop of als overheidsinstantie voldoen? Data is goud waard, wie echt alles wil weten over de ins en outs van de wetgeving mag de Big Data Expo absoluut niet missen en kan een bezoek brengen aan de presentaties die ingaan op het thema GDPR-AVG.