Organising your advanced analytics projects for success

THU 16:00 - 16:30

Lecture hall 7


Advanced analytics is booming. Companies are spending millions of euros on data projects to prepare for a data driven future. New teams and departments are created with the goal to improve or create the data capability. All the teams are staffed with talent to solve the business problems at hand. Companies are often struggling to move from proof of concepts to deployed models that add business value. Even if models are deployed to a production environment, they are often not meeting business expectations.

There are plenty of reasons why business expectations are not met during development: new team without the right skill set, data scientists bump into a lot of impediments slowing down the development, stakeholders are not aligned, IT can't industrialise the model, etc. How can you make your projects successful with so many potential issues?

In the past months Xomnia officially introduced a new way of working. By creating multidisciplinary teams, we can quickly deliver solutions from concept to deployment with maximum business impact. In this presentation, Robin, one of our analytics translators will present our vision on the key ingredients for success.

  • Theme
    Data Science

    Organisaties beschikken al over extreem veel data. De grote uitdaging zit erin om met de beschikbare data waarde toe te voegen aan een proces of klanttraject. Data science is daarvoor uitstekend geschikt. Finance en het voorspellen van consumentenbehoeften zijn twee gebieden waarop data science effectief is toe te passen. De investering loont sowieso, want beschikt een organisatie over meer inzicht, dan zijn ook slimmere keuzes te maken. Het thema data science neemt precies hierom een steeds prominentere rol in tijdens de Big Data Expo.