Powering the Data Driven Enterprise with the Fuel it needs

THU 10:45 - 11:30


The promise of Data (…the new gold…) and future perspective of truly Data Driven Organizations is more important than ever. Companies are stretched to do more at lower costs in an environment of scarcity. By now, every organization understands that there a lot more business value in Data than can be unlocked by traditional approaches to data analysis. Lots of experiments and initiatives have been undertaken to unleash the power of Data using state-of-the art data technologies and advanced data science models. As there is lot to be gained from sophisticated ways of using Data, these efforts often reveal surprising and encouraging results. However, soon enough organizations come to realize that using the power of Data in a continuous and consistent manner, requires a well-orchestrated fusion of customer focus, data technology, data operating models and data governance. In our vision this fusion is a prerequisite for leveraging the potential of Data at scale. We will be sharing with you our experience and insights regarding the development of data platforms, data operating models to manage data assets, an effective approach to data governance and what it takes to become a truly data driven enterprise. In our vision a truly data drive enterprise cannot exist without the infrastructure (operating model, processes, and technology) to provide for a constant flow of high-quality data as a fuel to advanced analytics and data science projects. Do you serve Data for Breakfast?

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    Digital Innovation & datadriven enterprises

    Digital Innovation is misschien wel dé manier waarop retailers succesvol kunnen zijn en blijven in een veranderend winkellandschap vol consumenten die zich steeds minder voorspelbaar lijken te gedragen. Retailers proberen in toenemende mate winkelervaringen te personaliseren. Data-analyse is daarbij één van de hulpmiddelen. Investeren in IT, sturen op data en toewerken naar een hoge NPS hoort hierbij. Tijdens de Big Data Expo zijn bedrijven en leveranciers aanwezig die kunnen helpen bij het uitrollen van een strategie of systeem dan wel het aan elkaar knopen van IT-tools die leiden tot betere interactie met klanten in winkels of via webshops.