Floor space including stand construction

Floor space including stand construction is the easiest way to participate in Big Data Expo. Save valuable time as we build up your booth for you. All you have to do is customise the booth to your liking with pop-up walls, roll-up banners, furniture and displays.

Included in the standard stand construction is:

  • Uniform black walls; height: 2.50 meter

  • Stand banner with brand name

  • Carpet floors; colour: Anthracite 

  • Lighting; two duo spots per 12m2 

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Customise your stand?


Prefer your own design over the default black walls? Would you like the carpet in a different colour? No problem!

Even the uniform stands are customisable. For more information, please contact our  account managers or download the brochure.


Prefer a personalised custom design?

ex. stand

Do you want a unique stand to generate even more exposure and truly stand out from your competitors? A custom booth gives you all the options you need! Personalise every detail and create the perfect booth that suits your company.

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Additional Visibility

Additional visibility

Enhance your visibility and ROI with one of our exposure packages. Whether your objective is to generate additional leads, enhance your reach or show your thought leadership, we have opportunities available for every budget.

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Do you want to receive all information, like prices and participation options, about participating in the Big Data Expo in 1 simple document? Request the exhibitor brochure without any obligations.

With or without stand construction?

Why choose floor space including stand construction? Exhibitors explain their choice in the video below. 


For further information or a tailored advice you can contact us.

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