Start-up pavilion

Met het Start-up pavilion bieden we bedrijven de kans om voor een laag bedrag kennis te maken met de beurs als exposant. Dit is een all-in pakket voor een vaste prijs en je profiteert van dezelfde communicatie uitingen als ieder andere exposant.

When you qualify for the start-up pavilion you get:

  • Standing table with 2 bar stools

  • 32” TV screen

  • Electrical connection

  • Your logo displayed

  • 1 license for the scan app

Experiences exhibitors


“We can raise brand awareness in a field in which we meet relevant visitors. It is a beautiful opportunity to help companies solve their problems.”

The experiences of exhibitors

Prefer a personalised custom design?

ex. stand

Do you want a unique stand to generate even more exposure and truly stand out from your competitors? A custom booth gives you all the options you need! Personalise every detail and create the perfect booth that suits your company.

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Additional Visibility

Additional visibility

Enhance your visibility and ROI with one of our exposure packages. Whether your objective is to generate additional leads, enhance your reach or show your thought leadership, we have opportunities available for every budget.

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