Submitting file presentation Big Data Expo

18 & 19 september 2019, Jaarbeurs Utrecht

The submitting file consists of three parts:

  1. Information about the speaker(s)
  2. Information about the presentation
  3. Conformation of the data

The presentation must meet the following criteria:

  • Visitors are looking for practical tips that can be applied directly.
  • Don't give a sales pitch, our visitors are looking for content.
  • Be specific about the content of the presentation so the visitor can participate with the right expectations.
  • Give a unique lecture specially made for the Big Data Expo.
  • If there is any doubt, OGZ can request that you forward the presentation in advance.
  • All fields must be completed.

If you are an exhibitor, check the criteria for your presentation here.

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Lecture requests are handled in two categories: technical and business.

Technical lecture
A technical presentation examines the technology and the use of data. Explain how you have done certain things and what you have used for them. Go in depth, provide specific facts, insights, advice and tactics at a high level.
This lecture is intended for visitors who:

  • Develop data applications, such as; data engineering/ data science
  • Are responsible for a data team, such as;  manager data science/ product owner

Business lecture
A business presentation examines the result of the data analysis. What did you analyse and what did it produce? Go in depth, insights, results, advice,  and strategies at a high level.
This lecture is intended for visitors who:

  • Use data, such as; marketing/ analyse
  • Are responsible for a non-data related team, such as; marketing manager/ team leader
  • Determine the strategy and vision, such as; CEO/ CIO/ Director



If you have any questions or need help filling in the submitting file, please contact me!

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Violette Dorssers
Content Manager
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