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Big Data Expo

The amount of data keeps growing, is constantly changing and is often unstructured. To understand and work with this enormous amount of data (within the right context), it requires a lot of knowledge and know-how. And this is necessary, because with data we can make better decisions, based on facts, and it becomes possible to set a sharper focus. That is why we would like to help you gather new insights. Moreover, we want to inspire you exploring the many possibilities and new data solutions with which you can immediately work.

This two-day Big Data Expo has the mission to bring people and knowledge together, bound by big data. With great enthusiasm, and our constant drive for knowledge-sharing and innovation, we bring together supply and demand.


At the exhibition-floor you find over 85 exhibitors who display their products and services in the field of collecting, generating, analyzing, optimizing, and/ or applying big data.


In no less than seven lecture halls, cases from day-to-day practice will be discussed. Lecturers will give their audience practical tips and tricks on how to solve certain data-issues. The centerpiece however, is the Keynote-program where top-speakers will present their vision and long-term strategy.
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Why Visit?

Increase the return from your data-activities. Discover the biggest range on big data solutions of the Netherlands, increase your network, get advice, and exchange experiences to get up to speed on the latest big data solutions in one or two days.

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''Big Data is the future. It provides insights in the past, the present, but also in the future. It creates a basis you - as a person and as an organisation - can use to make accurate strategic decisions and to actively find and implement smart solutions and efficiency improvements.'' – Big Data Expo