What is Big Data Expo?

“Big Data is the future. It provides insights in the past, the present, but also in the future. It creates a basis you - as a person and as an organisation - can use to make accurate strategic decisions and to actively find and implement smart solutions and efficiency improvements.” - Big Data Expo

Big Data Expo is a platform where people and knowledge come together, connected by the big data theme. But what does that mean, big data? When data is collected in databases, we can analyze it and gain insights from it in order to grow, both as an employee and certainly as a company. After all, we use this data to 'know' what works and what our attention should be when it comes to operational management. The amount of data is growing enormously fast, is constantly changing and is often incoherent and therefore unstructured. As a result, a great deal of knowledge and expertise is required to properly understand this large amount of available data (within the right context). In short, big data requires specialists. After all, the question is not whether companies should get insights from big data, but how they should tackle it.

That is why the two-day event Big Data Expo unites these specialists of different big data disciplines and of different levels and bring them into contact with you. An event to give exhibitors and speakers a platform to share their knowledge and expertise with a big but specific audience that is looking for solutions to turn their data into relevant and insightful information. Because inspiring people and providing them with the necessary tools is essential.

That is why proudly present the Big Data Expo. The perfect event uniting the supply and demand of big data, driven by innovation and sharing expertise. A valuable asset in a world that is becoming more and more digital, because that is exactly what Big Data Expo is all about. 

The place where knowledge grows: the exhibition floor
Here, dozens of exhibitors from different disciplines present new solutions and innovations to visitors. Beside the exhibition floor, there are ongoing lectures in which experts share their knowledge with you. This gives you as a visitor a good overview of the possibilities and trends in the field of big data, both in outline and in detail.

Interested in the lectures and speakers? Take a look at the program and discover the full list of lectures.