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Why visit?

The amount of data continues to grow enormously, is constantly changing and is often unstructured. To properly understand this large amount of available data a great deal of knowledge and expertise is therefore required. After all, with this data we can determine what works and where our attention should go. We are therefore happy to help you gain new insight and to inspire you with the many possibilities that data offers and to show you new solutions that you can start using right away.

Big Data Expo is the number-one big data event of the year. However, this is not the only reason you should not miss this event:

1. The biggest collection of big data solutions

Big Data Expo is the biggest event where exhibitors present their products and services in regard to collecting, generating, analysing, optimising and applying big data. So take that chance to get inspired and learn all about the latest possibilities and ready-to-use tips & tricks.

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2. Completely up-to-date in one or two days

In eight different rooms inspiring lectures are given by national and international speakers: from an inspiring case study with practical tips to a technical issue to a strategic session - you can easily choose the lecture of your preference and level. This way you can gain all the necessary big data knowledge in one or two days and start using it immediately!

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3. Start a conversation, get advice and exchange experiences

Big Data Expo revolves around creating new contacts and building network. It is easy to get in touch with consultancy agencies, data analysis, data warehousing, big data search companies, privacy & security, infrastructure, cloud services and many other types of big data professionals and organisations. This gives you direct insight into what big data is and what this can mean for your organization. Because, what gives better insights than experiences, ideas, recommendations or perhaps future collaborations?

''Big Data is the future. It provides insights in the past, the present, but also in the future. It creates a basis you - as a person and as an organisation - can use to make accurate strategic decisions and to actively find and implement smart solutions and efficiency improvements.'' – Big Data Expo