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When you talk about marketing, participating in the Big Data Expo is very efficient and effective: the impressive combination of an exhibition and lectures ensures information, interaction and innovation at the highest level!

You can present your company in the following ways during Big Data Expo 2019:

Stand area, including stand

To maximize exposure and impress visitors even more, you can design and fit out a stand yourself. This ensures a unique look and appeal that suits your organisation.

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Stand area, excluding stand

This ready-made stand makes your participation as easy as possible. The stand includes walls, carpet, lighting and lettering and will be fully assembled for you. All you have to do is fit out the stand to suit your needs. 

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General participation costs:

Each participant will pay the general participation fee of €250,-. The general participation fee entitles you to the following package:

  • Listing in the Big Data Expo exhibition catalog with your company name, stand number, website and a 250-character profile.
  • Personal registration link
  • Mention on the website including company profile, logo and links to your website and social media
  • License lead generation app to scan a visitor’s badge
  • The option to monthly deliver a blog

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Additional possibilities

extra exposure

More visibility? There are several ways to create more visibility for your organization.

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