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Big Data Expo 2019 | Studio Data | Julio interviews Sean Price, Qlik

As former Head of Business Improvement at the Avon and Somerset police (UK), Sean Price successfully disrupted old working patterns by implementing nothing less than data models. In this episode of Studio Data, in cooperation with GoDataDriven, Price explains what it takes and what the benefits are of implementing the use of data in an organization.

How to be disruptive and innovative? According to Price, you need to shift the company’s culture from a non-literate to a data literate culture. This is not so much about doing it with a project plan, as to how to create that ‘wow’ factor. Price: “In reality this means, using data, making apps and showing those. Show the company how it can tackle certain problems. As soon as you start to do that, you will get people interested.” 

Changing the culture is one of the biggest challenges. Because people are very used to the way they do things, and data disrupts that. How to manage that change of culture? According to Price by showing the organization how to make their jobs easier and save them time. “You need to make them understand that data is not making their jobs harder. Therefore you need to ask questions as: What would save you time and money? Moreover, it changes the organization in being reactive to being proactive.” 

At the Avon Somerset Constabulary, everyday there are millions of pieces of data coming in that officers are simply not able to process. By using technology, officers are able to make evidence-based decisions. So it is not taking away professional decision making, it is taking away the extra time. If you can achieve that, you will get the officers more engaged and excited.

Obviously, there is a big ethical component involved in using data at the police. Price: “You’re going to get me excited now, because I am really frustrated by the question.” To find out why that frustrates Price, you should definitely watch the video. 

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