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Big Data Expo 2019 | Studio Data | Tom interviews Bernardo Nunes, Growth Tribe

What really is AI? That’s the main question of this new episode of Studio Data, in collaboration with GoDataDriven. Bernando Nunes, Head of Science at Growth Tribe, starts this conversation with the following answer: “The definition I like to follow is that humans have specific cognitive capabilities, which you can try to mimic with a machine. This machine can be explicitly programmed, of can learn from data examples. These tasks usually involve some kind of prediction, speech, text, recognition, and image recognition. All the senses that we have can be performed by machines.” This is what’s called the old paradigm.  

However, if we look at AI and business, another question raises: whether AI is driving the business, or the other way around. According Nunes, this comes down to a demystification process. What that is exactly, you can find in the video.

But how do business use AI and will it replace humans? Well that is a very interesting question, and one that has been poignant for a long time. What is Nunes’ view on that, should we be scared or enthusiastic?

Lastly a comparison is made between the analytical part and the business part: how to implement the first into the latter, and how to use the data to improve your business with AI? One of the most interesting parts of this video is that he makes a comparison between human and AI skills, related to businesses.

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