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Big Data Expo 2019 | Studio Data | Tom interviews Doron Reuter, ING

In this episode, Tom van ‘t Hek talks with Doron Reuter, Director Advanced Analytics ING Wholesale Banking. They talk about building up an advanced analytics practice within the field of payments, getting leadership on board and aligning with the strategy. Also, they talk about developing tangible output and concrete use cases.

Payment is a high volume, fairly standardized banking product. “This means that we are using a lot of data points. For this to be successful, Reuter states that having the right context is important. “You have to have the leadership onboard. To do that, you need to connect directly to the strategy, which we do, we want to create the best customer experience. You can’t this without advanced analytics. To do this properly, in the right context, you need at least the leadership, strategy, and the right core-team on-board.”

The most difficult part is to start with nothing, both from the inside as well as the outside. Reuter: “What is common to both is you need a designed-process. You want to really keep the user in mind, whether you try to built a product for an internal user, of an external user. If you don’t solve the user problem first, you are never going to solve the business problem.”

According to Reuter, you always try to create pull with your clients, and you need to know what job your clients need to do. The main question is always: “What are the clients problems, and what are their potential opportunities they are not addressing. You always try to emphasize products, and you build on the back of that.” 

ING Wholesale Banking started this analytics program five or six years ago. People back then had their doubts on whether advanced analytics would be ubiquitous. Five or six years later, there has been a tremendous shift towards advanced analytics. More and more people get involved and there is a clear understanding of how people can use this data within the right context. Want to know what the results of this shift are? Watch the whole video!

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