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Big Data Expo 2019 | Studio Data | Walter interviews Romain Doutriaux and Giovanni Lanzani

In this episode of Studio Data, Walter interviews Romain Doutriaux, head of EMEA Marketing at Dataiku, and Giovanni Lanzani, director of training and development at GoDataDriven, about the documentary that Dataiku produced. 

This movie, called Data Science Pioneers; conquering the next frontier, provides an image of the global developments within the data science field. Walter talks about diversity, the direction data science is headed, the AI challenges, and addresses the concerns about AI. 

In the documentary, Romain shares the insights he got from the data scientists from across the globe, from Stockholm to New York. The main question was: what is the value of passion and perseverance to a successful as a data scientist? 

Romain: “What was striking is that all scientists I interviewed work in many different fields, but they all share the same responsibility for the social impact they might have. In this, we saw a great story to tell. With this documentary we want to show all the challenges there are with AI and data. We wanted to address the issues that come along.” 

However the message in this documentary is: we have no idea what is lying ahead of us, but tomorrow is very exciting. Watch the whole video and find oud all about this documentary.

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