Our Vision:

“is that everyone who uses Excel for planning, reporting and analysis should experience the light bulb moment – the moment they realise that, with the functional database, we will enable them to transform the performance of their organisation and the working lives of their teams.”

Our purpose is:
To share our know-how and deliver pioneering, innovative, enduring planning, analysis and reporting solutions, equipping our partners with the skills to transform how they navigate and harness the complexity of their business to their competitive advantage.

That light bulb moment:

the moment when you understand that you can do this, you have the solutions, the skills, the knowledge, the confidence – when you can see the path ahead with clarity – the moment when you realise that complexity is no longer the challenge, it’s your competitive advantage. That’s the moment we love to experience with our partners, the moment when they understand the power of IBM Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1) to enable them to gain deeper insights, plan faster and run their business more effectively. ​

At Cubewise, we believe that with our pioneering, innovative, enduring Planning, Analysis and Reporting solutions, you can navigate the complexity of your business and the markets in which you operate and successfully harness that complexity to your competitive advantage; that with faster, more agile and more accurate insights, analysis, planning and forecasting you can transform your business. ​

We love the artisanship and satisfaction that lie in mastering our tools to craft something beautiful, something with the quality to change business performance and people’s work lives. And we believe in sharing our knowledge and transferring our skills to enable you to enjoy the same experience.​

At the heart of our business lies our belief that our clients are more than our customers, they’re our partners. We take pride in working side-by-side with them, earning their trust, sharing their goals and working smart to deliver solutions to achieve them. And we learn from them as they learn from us.​

Because at Cubewise we believe that with the right tools, skills and know-how, no challenge is too complex.

Cubewise. Harness your complexity.

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