AI-Augmented product development. Your favorite snacks, with a twist of AI

WOE 15:30 - 16:00

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Thoughtworks Nederland

Continuous product development is critical to a company's economic health, but product research, generation and testing is a slow and expensive process. It can take over a year to get a candidate product ready for the market. Is it possible to leverage AI to make this process faster and more effective?

In cooperation with our clients, we have designed an AI-augmented R&D platform with the goal of creating new recipes and flavours for their products. The platform is meant as a powerful tool for product developers. Therefore our work is focused on augmentation rather than automation, since human validation is crucial to the success of a new product.

This augmented R&D platform increases the success rate of experimental products and accelerates the product development process. Product developers are now able to consider multiple prototypes in a week, whereas in the past it would take weeks to work out a single prototype.

This enhanced approach to R&D has potential applications far beyond the food and beverage industry. Wherever there is room for exploration of new elements and their combinations, AI can prove to be the right addition to a product development team.

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    Artificial Intelligence

    Aan de basis van AI staat uiteraard een enorme hoeveelheid data. Met behulp van een goede IT-infrastructuur en algoritmes is daarmee tot kunstmatige intelligentie te komen die beslissingen neemt. Tijdens de opkomst van AI, een aantal jaar geleden, rezen al de nodige vragen of de ontwikkeling niet voor vervelende situaties zou kunnen zorgen in de toekomst. De angst dat ‘apparaten’ een eigen wil krijgen lijkt ongegrond, maar het is wel belangrijk om de focus juist te houden.