Back on Track: Next-Gen Railway Asset Management with Computer Vision

WOE 11:20 - 11:50

Lezingenzaal 7

Vantage AI

Managing the Dutch railway network in order to get trains to their destination safely and on time requires accurate knowledge of the location and state of the various assets on the rail. But how to cope with the bookkeeping when you have over 7000 km of railway? While at the same time maintenance is outsourced to multiple contractors who also have their own systems? ProRail has developed a computer vision solution to verify, update and correct the existing database, rather than sending people out in the field and relying on manual labour. Special trains, equipped with cameras, regularly capture the entire Dutch railway on film. Using convolutional neural networks, assets are identified and localized. Not only is it more efficient than manual inspection, it also has a higher accuracy. In this talk, we will focus on the implementation of computer vision algorithms in a large organization, such as ProRail. We will elaborate on the challenges that we faced, for example handling millions of images and connecting to the existing infrastructure. By putting the database back on track with computer vision, we create a sustainable solution for ProRail.

This lecture is made possible by Vantage AI.

  • Thema
    Data Science

    Organisaties beschikken al over extreem veel data. De grote uitdaging zit erin om met de beschikbare data waarde toe te voegen aan een proces of klanttraject. Data science is daarvoor uitstekend geschikt. Finance en het voorspellen van consumentenbehoeften zijn twee gebieden waarop data science effectief is toe te passen. De investering loont sowieso, want beschikt een organisatie over meer inzicht, dan zijn ook slimmere keuzes te maken. Het thema data science neemt precies hierom een steeds prominentere rol in tijdens de Big Data Expo.