Business enabled analytical data flow management @ YoungCapital

WOE 14:20 - 14:50

Dit is een presentatie van 2019


This presentation will focus on the importance of business enabled analytical data flow management to support business processes and decision making within YoungCapital. Part of the presentation will be an example of the ROI that is being realized with this approach.

At YoungCapital big data is used to find suitable candidates for jobs in the market place and to  match jobs to candidates and candidates to jobs and using advanced in house developed artificial intelligence. These solutions are based on (web) behavior, demographic, registration and resume data. In BI we need to report and analyze on millions of transactions per year. With thousands of candidates putting in daily declarations both in our systems as well as our customers systems we need flexibility in consolidating all that data for both operational processes as well as business analytics and artificial intelligence. In stead of using data engineers in combination with business analysts to manage this YoungCapital is using Alteryx to enable business analysts to combine their analysis & business expertise with the capability of creating data flows that directly benefit the business. This frees up our data engineers for larger projects and improves the speed and quality of information delivered into our decision making.

About YoungCapital: YoungCapital is a recruitment specialist for young talent. It manages 26+ recruitment sites in 9 countries. The candidate database contains 6m+ profile. 50k+ per month are being added. With a revenue of €465 million, YoungCapital is the fastest growing company in the Dutch HR sector and number 5 in the top 250 of fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

This lecture is made possible by Alteryx.

  • Thema

    Big data zijn onmisbaar, het is de basis voor vrijwel elke beslissing binnen een modern bedrijf. Toch draait het uiteindelijk om het effectief analyseren van alle verzamelde data. Deze analyses tonen nog regelmatig heel verrassende resultaten. Pakt een onderneming de handschoen op om deze resultaten iets minder verrassend te maken, dan ontstaan er enorme businesskansen. Binnen het thema analytics zijn er diverse presentaties die inzicht geven in de mogelijkheden van analytics.