Deep Learning, the engine of the AI revolution

WOE 12:00 - 12:30

Dit is een presentatie van 2018

We all remember the boom of Internet companies in the late 90s, then in the late 2000s mobile companies took center stage and have been dominating ever since. A new type is taken the spotlight, this is the era of AI companies, and like it has been before there are two options: adapt or fade away.

In order to adapt is very important to understand the basic concepts that underpinned Artificial Intelligence and grasp how Deep Learning became the catalyzer of the AI tech revolution.
I’ll take you through a series of explanations with a historical overview of Deep Learning, and shine some light over question like: what’s the difference with classical Machine Learning? What can it do? What can’t it do? Why should my business care?
I’ll give you concrete examples of revolutionary AI that have converge into products in the areas of  health care, drug discovery, Fin Tech, medicine, supply chain, marketing, recruiting, customer experience and e-commerce.

Finally, I’ll communicate my opinion on how the development of an AI feature, AI application or AI business should flow and give my advice on how you create something of value under the shadow of the AI giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple etc.

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    Artificial Intelligence

    Aan de basis van AI staat uiteraard een enorme hoeveelheid data. Met behulp van een goede IT-infrastructuur en algoritmes is daarmee tot kunstmatige intelligentie te komen die beslissingen neemt. Tijdens de opkomst van AI, een aantal jaar geleden, rezen al de nodige vragen of de ontwikkeling niet voor vervelende situaties zou kunnen zorgen in de toekomst. De angst dat ‘apparaten’ een eigen wil krijgen lijkt ongegrond, maar het is wel belangrijk om de focus juist te houden.