Embedding Analytics to Empower Healthcare Providers and Improve the Provision of Care

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GeriMedica is an electronic medical record (EMR) company servicing the elderly care market. Hamza explains how GeriMedica rolled out analytics practitioners use to improve quality of care. And how the analytics helps practitioners focus on helping patients vs spending hours in a software product.

The State of Healthcare Analytics
The healthcare industry creates tons of data every day from a wide array of sources.

Data is the new oil, but without the right tools, the insights locked in that data can’t help anyone. Few healthcare organizations are taking advantage of data at their disposal to improve patient care. Moreover, these teams are dealing with amounts of information so vast they are impossible to make sense of without help (like from a BI or analytics platform). They also can’t combine datasets to gain a complete picture without help, either. Current software offerings, even if they have some analytical capabilities for the data they capture, often can’t mash it up with other datasets.

Everybody close to the care process, is hankering for data and insights and analytics, But there hasn’t been a tool good or easy enough for them to use to gain the insights that they are looking for.

Additionally, the current generation of medical software has a high barrier to entry when it comes to getting useful insights out. These obstacles prevent caregivers from helping clients as much as they might with easier-to-use analytics.

The Future of Healthcare Analytics
Many healthcare providers might not know how much analytics could be improving the care they give their patients. But they certainly know they’re spending a lot of time gathering information and putting it into systems. With time, the realization of how much a powerful analytics and BI system could help them with data gathering, insight harvesting, and providing better care, will drive more organizations to start using a software’s analytics capabilities as a factor in their future buying decisions.

Additionally, just serving up insights won’t be enough. As analytics become more mainstreamed, users will want the power to dig into data themselves, perform ad hoc analyses, and design their own dashboards. With the right tools and training, even frontline users like doctors and nurses can be empowered to become builders, creating their own dashboards to answer the questions that matter most to them.

Builders are everywhere. Just as the healthcare space is shifting away from only using analytics in financial departments and putting insights into the hands of frontline practitioners, the right tools democratize the ability to create new dashboards and interactive analytics widgets and empower anyone within an organization to get answers and build the tools they need.

Creating Better Experiences
When it comes to the true purpose of healthcare analytics, in the end, it’s all about helping end users create a better experience.

The staggering volume of data the healthcare industry creates presents a huge opportunity for analytics to find patterns and insights and improve the lives of patients. As datasets become bigger and analytical questions become more challenging, healthcare teams will rely more on the analytics embedded within their EMR systems and other software. This will lead them to start using analytics when making buying decisions. Companies that understand this will build solutions that answer questions and save lives; the ones that don’t might end up flatlining.

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    Big data zijn onmisbaar, het is de basis voor vrijwel elke beslissing binnen een modern bedrijf. Toch draait het uiteindelijk om het effectief analyseren van alle verzamelde data. Deze analyses tonen nog regelmatig heel verrassende resultaten. Pakt een onderneming de handschoen op om deze resultaten iets minder verrassend te maken, dan ontstaan er enorme businesskansen. Binnen het thema analytics zijn er diverse presentaties die inzicht geven in de mogelijkheden van analytics.

    De strategie en visie bepalen

    Deze lezing gaat in op het resultaat van de data analyse. Er wordt uitgelegd wat er is geanalyseerd en wat dit heeft opgeleverd? Hierbij wordt de diepte ingegaan en worden er inzichten, resultaten, advies en strategieën op hoog niveau gedeeld.

    Deze lezing is bedoeld voor bezoekers die: de strategie en visie bepalen, zoals o.a.; CEO's, CIO's en directeuren.