How the Analytics Translator can make your organization more AI-driven.

WOE 14:20 - 14:50

Dit is een presentatie van 2019


Today, about 80% of companies considers data as an essential part of their strategy. However, although most of these companies are taking models into production, they still have trouble turning their data and insights into valuable AI solutions. In this talk, I will argue that the extent to which AI is embedded in the organisation is crucial to success. Furthermore, I will show why the Analytics Translator is the designated person to drive AI adoption by the business and what his or her tasks should look like. The insights shared come from interviews with top Dutch enterprises about their AI maturity. 

The talk can roughly be split into two parts:

  1. With businesses heavily invested in data and AI, what is it that actually makes the difference for being successful with AI? We address this by sharing GoDataDriven's AI maturity model and by describing the different maturity phases we have identified based on interviews and our experience in the field.
  2. How can you use a maturity model to advance your organisation? Having a maturity model alone is not enough: you need to act upon it. This talk provides concrete examples on how to act, including practical stories with do’s and don’ts. Furthermore, I will advocate why the Analytics Translator is the designated person to drive AI adoption and what his or her tasks should look like.

What is good practice, and what is not? Attend this talk and save yourself from learning them the hard way!

  • Thema
    Data Science

    Organisaties beschikken al over extreem veel data. De grote uitdaging zit erin om met de beschikbare data waarde toe te voegen aan een proces of klanttraject. Data science is daarvoor uitstekend geschikt. Finance en het voorspellen van consumentenbehoeften zijn twee gebieden waarop data science effectief is toe te passen. De investering loont sowieso, want beschikt een organisatie over meer inzicht, dan zijn ook slimmere keuzes te maken. Het thema data science neemt precies hierom een steeds prominentere rol in tijdens de Big Data Expo.