How a boring accounting topic became the exciting data science / AI project

DON 14:00 - 14:30

Zaal 3

When we all were born, the warranty was already a common point. It looks obvious that all electrical goods are sold with a warranty. The only annoying fact is that we lose receipts. Scientists, accountants, and business managers seem already to know everything on a topic. The warranty cost prediction problem looks like a simple one. One day, a data scientist comes to the scene being asked to improve the quality of a traditional forecast…
Suddenly, such a solution requires a deep business understanding and becomes a really collaborative project with many subject matter experts, data keepers and stakeholders. It has grown into the prescriptive tool for the quality improvement department. The speech is highlighting many details that are usually not considered and about methods used to resolve these issues.

  • Thema
    Business Intelligence

    Slimmer opereren op basis van data die voorhanden is. Business Intelligence maakt het leven van heel wat organisaties een stuk eenvoudiger en overzichtelijker. Het Thema Business Intelligence is niet weg te denken van de Big Data Expo. Enerzijds omdat er steeds meer data is, anderzijds omdat de techniek voortraast. En niet te vergeten ook omdat techniek én visualisatietools deze data steeds toegankelijker maken voor een groeiende doelgroep.