How to Ensure the Value of Data with High-Quality, Trusted, and Reliable Data at the Foundation

WOE 16:15 - 16:45

Zaal 5


Data-informed decisions depend entirely on high-quality, reliable data, yet perceptions and practices around data quality haven’t kept up with its growing importance to provide trusted data that can help organisations maximise revenue opportunities, drive innovation, delight customers, and make timely decisions.

Join Albin and Mathisse to experience how data teams can effectively manage data quality and reliability issues with a comprehensive end-to-end workflow that simplifies the process for data producers, owners, and consumers, to be able to detect and resolve data quality issues across the entire data product lifecycle and automatically alert the right people at the right time. You’ll see how Soda aligns everyone - business and technical - behind a shared vision to provide:
- Self-serve data quality management to empower everyone to work with trusted data products and analytics
- Automated data quality monitoring at scale using both business rules and ML models
- Data quality agreements to easily define and set data quality expectations to ensure that data is fit for purpose

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    Data Science

    De impact van Data Science op onze business is enorm. Het ontsluiten van gestructureerde en ongestructureerde data door (zelf)lerende modellen vindt toepassing binnen allerlei bedrijven. Het oplossen van grote vraagstukken zoals: 'Hoe kan ik mijn klanten persoonlijker benadrukken met onze e-mailcampagnes?' of 'Kunnen we de hoeveleheid fraudegevallen bij aanvragen terugdringen?' gaat steeds sneller en effectiever door het gebruik van deze voorspellende toepassingen. Data Science helpt om continue waardevolle resultaten te behalen en te innoveren.