Join The Data Economy By Taking Your Data To Market

10:30 - 11:15

Dit is een presentatie van 2022


Data is the building block required for reinvention in a dynamic business environment. Companies reinvent themselves in the new world by using data to look more deeply into their own operations; they take a closer look at their existing customers and scan horizons for new customers. Delivering those types of insights requires more data, from diverse sources. The demand for external data is growing as leaders realise their own data is not enough to understand the new, dynamic business environment.

Many are also realising that their internal data can provide useful insights to others. They are not only monetising their data internally, but commercialising it by building data products and services for their partners and customers. Data supply is growing as well.

This workshop will draw from the experiences of companies who have successfully commercialised their data by creating products and services that deliver value to their customers. Join us to for this interactive session to:
* Understand the opportunities and challenges of the data economy
* Discover how innovative business leaders have launched data products and services with cross-industry case studies
* Learn how to identify use cases, develop offers, determine pricing models and take your data to market.