Journey to the cloud: Best practices for Data and AI Scaling within Enterprise

DON 15:30 - 16:00

Zaal 7


Follow the cloud journey with us.

Short-haul flight

We depart from basic analytics and arrive at predictive maintenance

Learn how to harness the power of data, give data analysts an opportunity of making valuable dashboards, support data scientists with necessary tools for amplifying predictive maintenance with AI. All of this to prevent UGT (unplanned ground time) which leads to huge cost savings.

Long-haul flight

We depart from basic advanced analytics and arrive at boosting operational decisions making

Learn how to scale Data and AI efforts to tackle the most complex decisions for fleet, crew, ground services for each flight almost near real-time. All of this to save costs, improve customer experience and innovate.

During this presentation we will share the best practices for Data and AI Scaling within KLM Cityhopper and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. We will show how we set up efficient way of working, fixed data flows, introduced MLOPS, started Cloud Migration with emphasis on Knowledge Transfer, which in its turn brought data science and data engineering at KLM to a new level.