MLOps – The key to generating money from machine learning!

10:00 - 11:00

Dit is een presentatie van 2020

Most data-driven organizations make money not from a few fantastic AI models, but rather from the combination of many machine learning models and scripts that run continuously and require constant maintenance. Keeping tens or hundreds of such ‘data products’ in the air only works if you are organized for it and supported by appropriate tooling. MLOps, the equivalent of DevOps in the data science world, is a recent and promising solution to these challenges.  In this Webinar, Credo will look at the benefits as well as some of the challenges that arise when building and deploying machine learning products in an MLOps fashion via its own platform Credo YQ.

This talk is aimed at the full spectrum of stakeholders involved in machine learning: data scientists/engineers and DevOps experts, but also managers, digital marketing specialists, etc.

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