Mobility as a Service: a universal platform and data protocol to ensure inclusivity in Dutch government-issued transport

DON 12:10 - 12:40

Dit is een presentatie van 2019

When companies, institutes and governments collaborate, data exchange is often viewed as a number of software interfaces. However, this is not the case. And what about the data itself? Efficient collaboration and real innovation can only be achieved when standards and protocols match. With this new universal data protocol for government issued transport, actual collaboration and innovation is being created, especially when multiple stakeholders depend on variations of the same data. Instead of having all these stakeholders develop, implement and document their own protocols, why not construct an interface and protocol that is standardized so that it can be used by different types of stakeholders? The protocol is based on leading industry standards, best-practices and universal guidelines and is issued by one scalable MaaS-platform. This MaaS-platform is responsible for all communication and distribution of data between connected parties. It uses a protocol that is clear, concise and ready to integrate in any Dutch municipality that wants to offer MaaS services to it's citizens. The parties are connected through a universal API that uses the latest techniques to ensure a secure, reliable and scalable, multi-faceted platform. In this presentation I would like to tell you how we built this ingenious, data-driven platform as well as the challenges we faced while preparing and building it.

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