New possibilities in Data Analysis with formulas stored in database fields: Simple, powerful and innovative.

WOE 15:10 - 15:40

Lezingenzaal 3

Actually, it is strange that you cannot save formulas in your database. Just as name or salary might be relevant properties of an object, formulas might be too. For example, consider the bonus you have agreed on with your employer, the criteria by which you are looking for a new car to buy, the taxes you must pay per year, criteria for segmentation of a population or identification of risk factors. If formulas can be stored in a database, a range of problems become easily solvable. Problems that had otherwise to be solved by writing software outside the database for much more money and time and not suitable for ad hoc data analysis. Colbert has researched methods to save formulas in tables in a database and methods to apply these formulas to data from other tables at a later time. Important topics in this research are the actual definition and storage of formulas, a strong static type system for formulas and scope rules for applying these formulas to data from other tables. The main challenge is to integrate this in a seamless, simple and intuitive manner into SQL without modifying the language. Colbert has succeeded in developing a simple, powerful and innovative concept which makes it possible to use formula fields just like normal fields in SQL. In this talk we discuss the important topics in the research, and the developed concept. Furthermore we look into several areas of application like criteria matching, data segmentation, risk analysis and bonus calculation.

  • Thema
    Data Science

    Organisaties beschikken al over extreem veel data. De grote uitdaging zit erin om met de beschikbare data waarde toe te voegen aan een proces of klanttraject. Data science is daarvoor uitstekend geschikt. Finance en het voorspellen van consumentenbehoeften zijn twee gebieden waarop data science effectief is toe te passen. De investering loont sowieso, want beschikt een organisatie over meer inzicht, dan zijn ook slimmere keuzes te maken. Het thema data science neemt precies hierom een steeds prominentere rol in tijdens de Big Data Expo.

    Data applicaties ontwikkelen

    Deze lezing gaat concreet in op de techniek en het gebruik van data. Er wordt uitgelegd hoe bepaalde dingen aangepakt en wat daarvoor gebruikt is. Hierbij gaat de spreker de diepte in en geeft deze specifieke feiten, inzichten, advies en tactieken op hoog niveau.

    Deze lezing is bedoeld voor bezoekers die: data applicaties ontwikkelen, zoals o.a.; data engineers en data scientists.