Ashkan Roshanayi

Global Technology Manager at Royal FrieslandCampina

Ashkan  Roshanayi
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I build & scale teams and software solutions for digital and online businesses. I plant the seed of healthy, productive and can-do culture in companies and coach teams how to deliver business values continuously based on well-designed or automated procedures.

I have been working in senior technical roles such as software architect, team leader, and CTO at companies ranging in size from startups such as TheCirqle to mega enterprises such as KLM, Philips & FrieslandCampina.

Companies hire me not only as a hands-on technologist but also inspirational peoplemanager who can build teams, shape culture and takes responsibility for thought leadership, technical envisioning and leading company and all stakeholders toward that vision.

During my last 15 years as a professional, I have worked in such fields as E-commerce, aviation, healthcare (IoT) and FMCG.

My range of professional interests are broad but looking back, three common threads have been:

  • Large Scale & Distributed systems design: where not only what features I deliver is important but how it is working is as important. Subjects like reliability, performance & scalability have been my key concerns and specialty.
  • Big Data and Data science: I started my career with relational database systems, information retrieval (custom search systems) and recently moved to big data and machine learning. In same context I also am fascinated by interdisciplinary studies like cognitive science as a hobby.

Training & coaching: I am a strong believer in importance of peopleware and think all of us software professionals deserve better education & training. I tried to play my role by out-sharing whatever I learned during my career and found that I really enjoy teaching people by example and in action.