Dharshini Manoharan Bhuvaneswari

Business Data Analyst

Dharshini  Manoharan  Bhuvaneswari
Over Dharshini Manoharan Bhuvaneswari

Dharshini Bhuvaneswari joined the team at SPAR International as a Business Data Analyst. In this role, she collaborates with Partners across the globe on an end-to-end data project starting from data gathering and wrangling to data analysis.

With a Masters’ degree in Data Science from Monash University, Melbourne, she has been involved in a ground-breaking Machine Learning project (Cognitive Building project) at Honeywell where she worked as a Data Scientist in an intern role. Following this, Dharshini continued to work in ML Projects at Monash University in the buildings and property division.

With SPAR she also utilizes her experiences from Capgemini, India, where she worked as an Analyst, liaising with the world’s leading retail clients to bridge the gap between strategy, business, and numerical facts.

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