Emmanuel Rios Velazquez, PhD

Senior researcher data science

Emmanuel Rios Velazquez, PhD
Over Emmanuel Rios Velazquez, PhD

Emmanuel is a data scientist engaged on the identification of relevant patterns on physiology and brain activity to assess cognition, mood and behavior through wearable technology, at imec's Connected Health Solutions team.
Emmanuel received a PhD from the Maastricht University, on the use of heterogeneous patient data and computational imaging (radiomics) for decision-support systems in radiation oncology.
This pioneering work led to diverse multi-centric, international scientific collaborations. This was followed by a post-doctoral degree at the Computational Imaging and Bioinformatics lab at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute-Harvard Medical School, investigating the link between cancer imaging phenotypes and tumor biology for precision medicine.
Besides crunching data, he likes reading (contemporary novels), playing drums and whenever possible going to the sea.